Before starting the game:

  • You need to be 1 to 4 players. If you are 4 players playing you can choose to split up into 2 teams. If you are only 1 player you can play against the computer.
  • On the SETTINGS screen you can adjust time limit for turns, the board size and amount of rounds to play.
  • The “PRE-TAKE RANDOM STICKS” feature will take some of the sticks at random when the game starts, which will make the game go a bit faster. This is particular useful if you are playing multiply rounds.


Playing the game:


  • The game chooses at random a player to take the first turn. Players then take turns to take one of the remaining sticks on the game board. You take a stick by double-tapping on it.
  • The player who takes the last stick around one of the cells scores a point AND gets an extra turn.
  • If you’re playing in Classic Mode it’s also possible to score larger rectangles, if you take the last stick around the rectangle, and no other cells are taken within the rectangle.
  • If you’re playing in Advanced Mode the points you score for a cell depends on the number of edges around the cell.


Bonus icons:

  • Getting a cell with one of the star icons gives you an EXTRA 50 POINTS that turn.
  • On the other hand, if you get a skull icon you lose your turn and get NO POINTS that turn.
  • The jackpot icons will also give you extra points when you get a cell with them. HOWEVER, when you try to take a cell with one of these icons then you don’t always succeed in doing so – and the jackpot will get higher every time they don’t get scored.